About us.

March Twinning Association has been in existence for over 20 years.

The Mayor of March is an ex-officio member.

We aim to encourage links and exchanges between people of all ages and interests in the town of March and St Jean de Braye.

St Jean de Braye is a town on the river Loire very close to Orleans in France.

One year a group from St Jean de Braye come for a long weekend to March and the next year a group goes there from March.

Ideally those members who go to France return the hospitality that they received when the visitors come to England.

Over the years links have existed between sports', musical and school groups.

Statue made  by students at St Jean de Braye in the style of

Henri Gaudier- Brzeska

and given to MTA in 2001

as it was at the unveiling at Young People March

at the unveiling May 11th 2019 at March Museum 

Jean Michel Firokwski  (Left) Andrew Clarke ( Right)

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St Jean de Braye
The church in the old part of St Jean de Braye