Des cours

chez Andre

19.00 - 20.30  dimanche

Lessons open to paid up members £1.00 towards photocopies.

If interested contact Andrew first to check if a class is taking place.

 Examples of content in previous years are shown below. We frequently revisit topics. We do not do much writing but conversation and reading of articles about St Jean de Braye. Any new comers most welcome to give it a try.


For the first 2 lessons have a look at the following videos.

1. Je me presente


Video 2


Veuillez trouver les details des cours sur cette page web.

Leçon du 20 septembre15.docx

We have been looking at talking about holidays using the BBC website


If not directly taken to the website please copy the html and you should be able to look at the webpage.

We have looked at verbs with etre in the past tense

Also we have read some articles from Regards , The monthly magazine produced by St Jean de Braye council.

                       22nd September Some notes about     Adjectifs.docx

Lessons continued until start of December looking at people's personality, comparisons and superlative. Working again with the BBC website Ma France.

Lessons started again on Sunday 10th January. The topic has been the house.


 Grammar: use of "on" eg On peut, est-ce qu'on peut. Depuis plus present tense. Au premier etage etc.

Descripition of house. Ma maison.docx   Could you write or say something similar?