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Chairman’s Report March Twinning Association

July 2019

Chairman’s Report March
Twinning Association

July 2019

First of all, a special thank-you to all of you for coming
along and for your continuing support and in particular to those of the
committee who are here and others who because of other commitments are unable
to attend this evening.

At this AGM we shall be saying goodbye to John Gowing, who
contributed usefully to meetings, as our March Town Council Representative. We
valued his guidance and insight. The committee members are essential in
providing advice, encouragement, ideas for events and keeping up with social
media, providing films, questions and venues and of course our treasurer in
making sure that we are not in the red and fully insured. Having said this,
they all look fairly relaxed and we are always ready to welcome new members

The year from July was one of expectation. The French were
coming at the end of October and then at Easter and then finally they came in
May. On the French side there have been a number of problems and they hope to
give new impetus to their association starting in September 2019.

Shortly after the 2018 AGM we were fortunate enough to have
the BBQ at Chris Hill’s on Bastille Day as usual we are very thankful for his
hospitality and for all those who provided dishes and a surfeit of puddings. In
November we had a film evening with a silent film – so no language problems but
plenty of atmosphere. In January just as we were recovering from the excesses
of Christmas, we had a hearty and happy lunch at Cassanos. In February we were
mentally challenged by the French themed quiz and amazed one another with our
knowledge of French football and footballers.

In early May a small but select group of friends from St
Jean de Braye came over by Eurostar and Thameslink. Visits were organised to
Peterborough with a visit to the Museum to see the artefacts made by French prisoners
of the Napoleonic War and to Wimpole Hall during the lambing season.

The highlight was of course the unveiling of the Statue.
This was the result of a collaboration started in 2001 between Neale-Wade
students and students at St Jean Braye on a statue to symbolise twinning. The
English design inspired by the work of Gaudier-Brzeska, a native of St Jean de
Braye, and much of which is displayed at Kettle’s yard Cambridge, was then
sculpted in sections in France and transported to March. For various reasons it
was never displayed and after nearly 20 years thanks to March & District
Museum trustees, it at last has a home and can be viewed by the public. It is
only right at this point to thank members who helped house it in more recent
years and transported it. A special mention and a great debt of gratitude is
owed to the stone mason Richard King B.E.M, who assembled it at his workshop in
Long Sutton during his own free time and at no cost to the Association. We
would particularly welcome any comments from Neale-Wade students who
participated in the project.

We have a Facebook page and also our website. We have been
working on a local recipe book for our French friends. As with our French
counterparts we need to encourage new membership and if we wish to continue
going to France every 2 years, we need members who can accommodate guests.

Andrew Clarke

Chair July 2019


Minutes of AGM 2019


  Committee elected at AGM July2019

The Mayor of March ex-officio

Chair                                                                            Andrew Clarke

Vice Chair                                                                   Rodney Crabb

Treasurer                                                                     Dorothy Hiskett

Committee                                                                  Tina Elener      

                                                                                     MIke Thomas    

                                                                                      Rodney Crabb            

                                                                                      Chris Hill

                                                                                      Toni Morley

                                                                                      John Gowing