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 History & Background

Brzeska Sculpture Project


M. Zaroukin and 12 French students in their last year
of secondary education from St Jean de Braye, Gaudier Brzeska’s birthplace, in
France are going produce a sculpture. The illustrations for this and the theme
are to come from young people in March. These will in effect be students at
Neale-Wade Community College. Andy Hamilton (Arts Development Officer) will
give advice.

June 2000  

 Bid for funding and Neale-Wade staff and former employees are going to man a workshop

supporting the project.

September 2000 

The Ernest Cook Trust offers £500 and Arts in Education £200.

 A bid for lottery funding proves unsuccessful. There are to be

2 half-day sessions for a community artist to visit NWCC and a visit to
Kettle’s Yard.(Cambridge)

October 2000
16-20 Visit to March by French students.

students and sculpture will come to March from 9th-14th April.

Andrew Tanser, sculptor is to work 5 half day sessions
with NWCC students during an arts week 12-16 February.

14th March 2001 

Photo of proposed sculpture sent by Lycee Gaudier-Brzeska and rejected

 as unacceptable (anatomical accuracy of the male).

NWCC await an alternative by 19th March.

17th March
March Letter from Hon Secretary of MTA to Mayor.

This letter points out that the sculpture is the
result of a collaborative effort between NWCC and the Lycee. The students drew
their inspiration from works: “Les Lutteurs” & “ Samson et Dalila” by
Gaudier-Brzeska in Kettle’s Yard. 

26th March 2001
March Town Council reject a sculpture being housed in Town
hall : too modern, too heavy. Questions raised concerning future ownership,
location, installation and Health and Safety.                  Library not willing to house
statue because of similar issues.

April 2001 

NWCC governors not willing to let it be installed in

the grounds.

April 2001. Statue unveiled at Young People March 

End of Ken Russell's "Savage Messiah" showing some of his famous 

works and the weeping woman is Sophie.

Much of his work still visible at Kettle's Yard, Cambridge.

From April 2001 to December 2015 

kept in sections in a garage by the Town Council and listed as part of their assets. 

From January2016

 in another garage since the Town Council needed the space and threatened to

dispose of it.

June 2017 March Town Council relinquish ownership.

April 2018 

March twinning Association is prepared to pay for

the statue to be erected and weather treated and seeks a home for it so that it
is safe but also can be seen by the public.

11th 2019 Unveiled at March Museum Work
carried out by Richard King Memorials Ltd